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We help expats like you with their finances

Our mission is it to help expats in Berlin with theis finances. As independent certified financial advisors, we work exclusively on behalf of the client and provide you with a fully transparent consulting process.

We help you as an expat in Berlin to find the best investment and pension solutions.

We not only realise the importance of having a sound financial plan for the growth of your investments and retirement funds but also how crucial it is to protect what you have already achieved. While living and working in a foreign country with a different set of rules and regulations, it can be very difficult to decide which risks are really relevant to you and in which areas you need added protection and security.

That’s why we pride ourselves on speaking the language you’ll understand. If you are an expatriate, we can help you navigate through the maze of insurance, savings and investment products, and provide not only the best package designed for your specific needs but also the best price-value-ratio for your situation.

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What our clients say about our financial advisory

„since I moved to berlin, running finances and investment in Germany felt so complicated. this was my first financial consultation and as a matter of fact I’d describe it as enlightning.

Fabian was very patient to answer my basic questions and took a lot of time to guide me through the different short-term/long-term opportunities and types of insurances and explained the related German jargons that seemed scary before into plain english .

He was very timely in his followups. and overall I had a very smooth experience and felt no pressure towards specific options or plans, and I rather ended up with a tailored and easy to change plan. I would highly recommend especially for internationals. „
Mohammed Monem
Senior Software Engineer
„Great pleasure to work with Fabian Beining. A big plus for me was that he speaks English fluently.

He explained to me the complicated German insurance system in great detail and with a lot of competence.

He tailored the necessary insurances to my needs. Thank you very much for the collaboration!“
Rositsa Stoykova
PhD Student Chemistry
„Fabian, Dennis and the team are excellent to work with! They’re the first financial advisors to actually listen to my needs and formulate great plans for short-mid-long term growth!

Their English is excellent too for any expat looking for sound financial advice in English. I highly recommend them and I wish them all the very best for future growth.“
Luceinne Lopez
Digital Marketing Manager
„It has been very easy to work with Fabian so far. He is good communicating all the relevant information and is always available for questions.

The financial plan we came up together was really tailored to my goals and it has been working out really well.“
Bidesh Thapaliya
Senior Software Developer

This is how your consulting process works

We usually have three in-depth interviews (approx. 1h), which take place either via Zoom or in our office at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Get indepedent and professional advice on your finances.

Our team

We are certified independent financial advisory. Specialized on expats living in Germany.

Why you should join our group of clients

Our goal is to become the number 1 contact for expats in Germany when it comes to finance. We achieve this by acting exclusively in the interest of our clients and providing unique transparency in our advice.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

The entire consulting process is completely free of charge for you.

Here we distinguish between one-time payments and monthly savings plans.

A one-time payment makes sense for us from 30.000 euros. For the monthly savings plans, there should be a monthly surplus of at least 1000 euros per month.

Yes! As a financial broker we only work on behalf of our clients.

We are not bound to any products, banks or insurance companies and can therefore offer you an objective overview of all existing products.

Our consulting services are mainly addressed to employees, self-employed persons and entrepreneurs.

However, we also offer special financial coaching to master’s or PhD students in order to optimally prepare their entry into professional life.

We completely waive costs that are customary in the industry, such as issue surcharges, kick bags, or provider-oriented commissions.

Should we decide to work together after several consultations, we will receive 0.6% p.a. of the invested capital.

Get indepedent and professional advice on your finances.