You are working in Germany and need an financial advisor?

We help expats who wants to stay in Germany to build up assets in a calculable way.

Investment Plan

investment & wealth accumulation by plan.

Together we develop an investment portfolio that is tailored to your personal wishes and goals.

Retirement plan

Mathematically precisely calculated.

Depending on how long you plan to stay in Germany, it may make sense to look at the different retirement plan options to find the most profitable solution for you.


The best price-performance ratios

In order to protect your current and future assets in the best possible way, we show you which insurances are really important in Germany and which are rather nice to have.


What our clients say about our independent financial consulting

Fabian, Dennis and the team are excellent to work with! They’re the first financial advisors to actually listen to my needs and formulate great plans for short-mid-long term growth! Their English is excellent too for any expat looking for sound financial advice in English. I highly recommend them and I wish them all the very best for future growth.
Lucienne Lopez
Head of Digital Marketing
„This was my first financial consultation, and in fact I would describe it as very informative. Fabian was very patient in answering my basic questions and took a lot of time to walk me through the various short term / long term investment options. I felt no pressure to implement certain options or plans. Clear recommendation!“
Mohammed Monem
Senior Software Engineer
I was very satisfied with working with Fabian Beining. He helped me a great deal in understanding concepts that were not fully clear to me (like pension plan, funds,different types of insurances …).He knows his stuff and he also speaks English very well.
Shadi Akhras
Senior Software Developer
Fabian has been consulting for us for around a month and we have been really satisfied with his services. He is incredibly organised, and structured which has helped us in turn to organise our thoughts around finance. We are an international couple with specific needs, and have worked together to determine our family’s financial goals and an action plan for achieving them.
Emma MacKenzie
Customer Manager Klarna

How does my consulting process work?


Step 1: Application

Use our appointment form to apply for one of our free consulting slots. After a brief review of your details, we will contact you for a 5-minute phone call to arrange our first appointment.


Step 2: Free consultation

We make an as-is analysis of your finances and discuss intensively with which strategy you can achieve your personal goals in the most risk-efficient way.


Step 3: Implementation

We implement all discussed investments for you, so that you can build up your assets in a planned manner from now on. We manage and control your portfolio on a continuous basis, so you can focus on your main job with peace of mind.

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Why you should get professional advice from us?

Besides our independence, there are many other advantages compared to traditional banks or online portals.

Classic banks
  • Not independent
  • Issue surcharges of 2%-5% p.a.
  • No more personal service contacts

Online Apps
  • Limited choice of ETFs and funds
  • No individual strategy
  • No personal support
  • No ongoing optimization of your investments

Online Portals
  • Mostly not independent
  • Complex pension calculation not sufficient
  • No contact person
  • No active optimization every year

Our investment consulting

  • 100% independent
  • Only 0.6% service fee p.a.
  • Personal supervision
  • Permanent contact persons
  • Constant optimization of your investments
  • Free financial report
  • Individual investment strategies
  • Highly profitable and tax-optimized pension plan
  • Large selection of ETFs and funds
  • Transparent comparisons
  • Complex individual calculations possible

Our team

We are certified & experienced investment consulants

About us

Fabian Beining & his team specializes in investment funds and is happy to advise you on the topics of fund-based retirement planning and general investment.

Today, he helps his clients from all over Germany to develop an attractive investment portfolio in order to build up assets in a plannable way.

Fabian Beining
Senior Investment Consultant
Björn Tappe is a certified independent investment advisor specialized in investment strategies and pension planning. He will be happy to advise you on the topics of fund-based retirement planning and individual investment plans.
Björn Tappe
Senior investment consultant
Dennis Ninnemann is a certified independent financial advisor having years of consulting experience. He is helping our clients to develop a sound financial plan.
Dennis Ninnemann
Chief Consultant

More than 300 clients already trust us.

Mio. Euros under management

Frequently asked questions

The complete consulting process is free of charge.

You should have a monthly surplus of at least €1,000 to invest.

Yes! As a financial broker, we work exclusively in the interest of our clients. No investment bank or insurance company owns shares in our company, so we can objectively compare all products existing on the German market.

We completely waive costs that are customary in the industry, such as issue surcharges, kick bags or provider-oriented commissions.

Should we decide to work together after several consultations, we will receive 0.6% p.a. of the invested capital.

We usually have 3-4 digital consultations with our clients.

  1. In the first meeting we get to know each other better, clarify all detailed questions about our work and talk intensively about your financial goals & wishes.
  2. For our second meeting we will create a professional financial plan for you, which we will go through and discuss step by step.
  3. From the third meeting on, we will start to put your financial plan into practice, so that from now on you are optimally financially positioned and can efficiently achieve your goals.

No. The brokerage contract can be terminated at any time.

Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm
Years of experience

Our office space at Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Our consultations usually take place digitally via Zoom.

On special request, the consultation can take place in our offices directly at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Alexanderstraße 3, 10178 Berlin

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More than 300 clients trust us.