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Independent Financial Advisor

As an independent financial advisor in Berlin, Fabian Beining is committed to providing objective, competent and sustainable investment advice to his clients. Honesty, commitment and absolute transparency are an integral part of his individual advice.

As your personal financial coach, Fabian Beining gives you an objective overview of your insurance and financial products and develops a targeted, risk-efficient investment strategy together with you that fits your individual goals.

Parallel to the investment, Fabian offers you an independent comparison of your existing insurances and financial concepts in order to reveal possible cost savings.

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Profitable pension provision

We talk about the topic of old-age provision, show you what you should pay attention to and give you an overview of how the system of old-age provision in Germany works.

Investment & Money

Together we analyse your personal risk profile, explain various investment options to you and work out an investment strategy that suits your risk profile and your individual wishes.

Asset protection

To protect your future capital, show you which insurances are existential and which are a nice-to-have.

Further education

In our blog you will find numerous articles on the subject of wealth accumulation.

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