About us​

We help expats like you with their finances

Our mission is it to help expats in Germany with theis finances. As independent certified financial brokers, we work exclusively on behalf of the client and provide you with a fully transparent consulting process.

Meet our team of certified financial advisors

As independent investment advisors, we now help expats from all over Germany build long-term wealth and plan their retirement provision profitably.

For years, we have been working exclusively with expats who want to stay in Germany for the long term. More than 400 expats already rely on our expertise.

The company around Fabian Beining is growing steadily.


Million Euros under Management

Together we develop investment portfolios that perform.


Investment funds

To develop your individual investment strategy.

Pension Plan

Our company

The entire consulting process is completely free of charge for you.

Here we distinguish between one-time payments and monthly savings plans.

A one-time payment makes sense for us from 30.000 euros. For the monthly savings plans, there should be a monthly surplus of at least 1000 euros per month.

Yes! As a financial broker we only work on behalf of our clients.

We are not bound to any products, banks or insurance companies and can therefore offer you an objective overview of all existing products.

Our consulting services are mainly addressed to employees, self-employed persons and entrepreneurs.

However, we also offer special financial coaching to master’s or PhD students in order to optimally prepare their entry into professional life.

We completely waive costs that are customary in the industry, such as issue surcharges, kick bags, or provider-oriented commissions.

Should we decide to work together after several consultations, we will receive 0.6% p.a. of the invested capital or a comission from the insurance company.