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I want to start a business

Learn how to start a business from scratch. Independend if you want to start a business along with your job or you want to become a fulltime entrepreneur I will guide you step by step through the whole process from finding a business idea to your first launch.

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I want to start a side business in germany

Are you an expat in germany and want to start a side business? Learn the exact requirements and steps you need to successfully start a business in Germany. I will show you templates and easy to follow processes to get you in the right business category for your start.

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I want to start an online business

As a founder of many online companies I can show you the exact steps you have to go to start a successful online business. From the website to finding your dream customers I will help yu out. In case you have already have an ongoing business I can digitalize it for you.

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The way to your own business

01. Business Idea

How to find unique and profitable business ideas that suit to your personal strengths.

05. Marketing & Sales

Find your dream customers and build optimized processes to reach them. 

02. Market Research and Tests

Test if your idea is worth a try by doing specific market research and testing your idea.

06. Launch your first product

Learn how to launch your first product to optimize the user experience.

03. Project Plan

Decide for a plan of attack. Learn how to plan a project for success.

07. Optimize everything

Now it´s time ti optimize your product and your sales process.

04. Create your product

Start creating your product step by step and find the unique selling point about it.

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Get more independency and income through your own business while learning from a real entrepreneur.

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8 years of experience

Since 2011 I´m  active as an entrepreneur and founded sveral companies and projects.

Scientific approach

Besides my practical experience I also studied economic with a focus on startup and management.


In order to work more efficient you will get many templates to make your life easier.


I talk openly about my failures, why they happened and how you can avoid them.

Kinietzer Straße 100,
12049 Berlin

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